We are so excited for this partnership with Wretched Radio listeners! God is truly doing an amazing work in Uganda through SOS. Will you consider joining us in our ministry, as we seek to radically transform God’s Church in Uganda? We believe that through partnering with kingdom-minded Christian brothers and sisters with resources in America, we can strengthen churches and believers without resources in Africa. Africa, especially Uganda, is hungry for truth. But in God’s sovereignty, it needs the help of the western world. Due to their economic situation, the Church still lacks the ability to progress with urgency. As the threat of Islam spreads throughout all of Africa, the Church must arise or the voice of truth with be silenced. Through Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries, we can make a difference.

Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries has been in Uganda over 10 Years. It has two missions: To strengthen God’s Church and to reach its local rural village for Jesus Christ. Already SOS has a thriving local church with 300 discipled villagers faithfully attending. We provide a dynamic primary school, Legacy Christian Academy, where 200 children are being educated and discipled in God’s Word. God has given us a strong relationship with the Baptist Union of Uganda, where we are working with over 1,500 churches. And we are right now developing a Pastoral Training Center, where we can equip the Union’s existing leadership structure and raise up the next generation of pastors. SOS is aspiring to build up a voice of truth in Uganda that will reach all of East Africa.

Dr. Shannon Hurley with the SOS Senior Leadership Team

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Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries is led by Shannon Hurley, a man with a passion to love people and strengthen churches. He and his wife Danielle, along with their six children, live in the remote village of Kubamitwe Uganda where they love, serve, and disciple this impoverished community. Shannon is known for his commitment to the Word of God, love for people, and sincere enthusiastic preaching. Shannon has a B.A. in Biblical Counseling, an M.Div., and a D.Min from the Master’s College and Seminary.


Ministry Focus - the two primary areas of focus:

* Expand and accelerate church-strengthening work in Uganda and East Africa, including completing the Pastoral Training Center (providing training to 100+ pastors), hosting regional leadership and discipleship training, and providing regional pastoral training conferences to pastors from over 1,500 churches. Read More about the Pastoral Training Center program, now underway - but we need your help to complete the pastor and teacher housing!


* Transform the local communities through the Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe and the biblical education of Legacy Christian Academy Uganda. Read More about Legacy Christian Academy Uganda, where currently 200 primary school children are provided excellent education, unconditional love, and a strong foundation for eternal life through Christ.


* Wretched Radio Listeners! There are SO MANY areas where you can partner with SOS and share in our ministry. The two primary ways to help are: One, support us monthly - Which will assist us on the daily ministry cost of running this ministry. Two, support with a generous one time gift - which will help us with the infrastructure needed to facilitate our ministry objectives. 100% of your resources will go directly to help the people of Uganda.


Have Questions?  Want more information?  Please feel free to Contact Us any time.