why support sos?

Partnering with SOS through financial support, service and prayer helps us fulfill our mission to strengthen God’s church in Uganda and to exemplify the meaning of discipleship to the communities in and around Kubamitwe.
How to Partner with SOS

financial partner

1. Donate Online

One Time Donation | We are so thankful for your donation!

Monthly Donation | Become a Sustaining Partner by donating monthly.

Support a Missionary | Consider partnering in the financial support of personal needs for the SOS missionaries—the Hurley, Basaba, Gordon, or Stepanian families.

Sponsor one of SOS eight annual conferences.


2. Sponsor a Child

Financially support one of the students that SOS currently sponsors, and see your direct impact.


3. Contact Us Directly

Capital Partners | SOS has been blessed with major supporters that are helping to fund national training conferences, the primary school, staff housing and other special funds. Interested in partnering with SOS on a larger capital expense?

Stock or Securities | You can also donate through your IRA or a Donor Advised Fund.



Short-term Mission's Teams | Work with your local church and SOS to send a short-term missions team to assist with a conference, construction project or community outreach.

Promote Global Missions | Work with your local church to promote SOS and advance the proclamation of the gospel in East Africa.

The VBS Initiative | Partner with SOS Ministries and participate in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 by raising funds through your church's Vacation Bible School to support the spiritual and practical care for children through community outreach and education.

Use Your Gifts & Skills | Help SOS administratively, particularly if you have web, video, photo, or graphics skills.

Contact Us

prayer PARTNER

SOS Ministries desperately needs the faithful, fervent prayers of those that have a heart for the precious people of Uganda and the ministry of SOS.

We encourage each local church or individuals to gather regularly to pray for SOS and the global Church.

“Ever since I went to Uganda in the summer of 1995, I have had a deep inescapable love for the people of Uganda.”
Shannon Hurley, Founder of SOS Ministries