Legacy Christian Academy

The heart of this ministry is to disciple our community by providing a Christ-centered, high quality kindergarten and primary education in a loving and professional environment that develops students academically, socially, morally, and spiritually to make an impact in their home, community, and nation.

Each day, the average child in Kubamitwe will wake up and fetch water from the well for baths, cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  She’ll assist her parents in their crops to help provide basic food requirements for their family. He’ll live without electricity, plumbing or running water and sleep with his whole family on the small, mud floor.

A decent education is nonexistent in rural Uganda; city boarding schools are a last-resort option, financially and emotionally crushing for parents who want the best for their children. Most families live on less than $1 per day and as such they must decide between eating or education. Currently in this village area, only 6% have finished the equivalent of a junior high education. 

Those children who do get to choose education will walk to a school that is more of a one-room shack than a building, and has scant resources to offer; subsequently, the school doesn’t attract quality teachers. 

And this is the best-case scenario. 

Without intervention, these children grow up with little or no ability to read or write—and that barely scratches the surface of what a high-quality education teaches. But by your giving and through His faithfulness, success becomes a possibility for the children of Kubamitwe, and with that, the chance to break the cycle of poverty. 

Learn More About How Legacy Christian Academy comes alongside families in Kubamitwe to nurture children’s growth in four key areas: 

1) Academics 2) Social skills 3) Moral strength 4) Spiritual connection


SOS’s Legacy Christian Academy (LCA) is using an American/Ugandan integrated teaching curriculum. 

  • Student to teacher ratio = 12:1.
  • American disciplinary measures, sensitive to the Ugandan culture.
  • Rotational learning centers.
  • Curriculum that integrates Ugandan and American materials (including Horizon Math, Shurley English, Alpha and Omega Reading, together with Uganda Social Studies and Christian Religious Education).
  • Computer access and skill building.

SOS strives to deliver high-quality education that is simultaneously effective and practical to the Ugandan context while meeting/exceeding worldwide academic standards. Furthermore, SOS prepares our students to sit for and pass the Ugandan standardized tests (PLE–Primary Leaving Examination) given to all Ugandan students by the Uganda National Examination Board.

Social skills

Among Ugandan families struggling with the challenges of poverty and cultural dysfunction, social skills training rarely makes the priority list in childrearing. Our LCA students begin learning basic social behaviors.

  • Kindergarten and beyond: brushing teeth, washing hands, proper greetings, and coming to school on time. 
  • Later primary grades: body hygiene, shaving, proper feminine products, public speaking, etc. 

Our desire is not to make Legacy students American, but to honor and uphold their Ugandan culture while equipping them with opportunities to become citizens and leaders, capable of respectfully handling themselves in any situation.

Moral strengthening

Each month, we focus on a different age-appropriate character trait, like generosity, kindness, attentiveness, or truthfulness, to name a few. Throughout the whole month, teachers will emphasize that trait by

  • Verbally honoring children who are reflecting it.
  • Discussing it in chapel and in Bible class.  
  • Modeling the type of moral character they expect from their pupils.

The focus: helping children understand what is proper and improper moral behavior, according to God’s Word. 

Spiritual connection

When SOS chose the name Legacy CHRISTIAN Academy, it was because we are serious about opening the door for Jesus every day, in every classroom. He is the center of every aspect of the school.

From daily Bible class, biweekly chapel times and spiritual retreats with carefully chosen, Christ-following teachers and staff at LCA, we have designed a school that surrounds children with the hope of God the King.

The Mission of Legacy Christian Academy

We want every child in our community to confidently read, write, and think. But our most heartfelt desire is for them to apply that to being able to know, love, and follow after Jesus Christ, taking that message into their homes and out to the community and the nations. Too many people throughout Africa are told to love Christ, but haven’t had the opportunity to cultivate the ability to effectively read or think through God’s Word for themselves. 

It is our belief that through the impact of even one Legacy student, a family can be changed, which could lead to a community being changed, and even a nation being changed. And while we’re at it ... why not the world?