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Your monthly support helps end the cycle of poverty by giving a high quality and Christ-centered education to a child in Uganda.

Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries established Legacy Christian Academy to not only meet the desperate need for quality education, but also to serve the desperate spiritual needs of our community. Our goal is not only to see these children excel in their education and thus, improve their quality of life, but ultimately to see Christ reigning in their lives!


Education is always a victim of poverty. Lack of economic resources results in lack of education, thus perpetuating the poverty cycle.

But Legacy Christian Academy is commited to reviving education for the children in and around Kubamitwe. SOS Ministries has committed to provide a top-notch education for these children. To do so, we have recruited qualified teachers from all around Uganda to move to Kubamitwe. As a sign of love and commitment to our village, the classrooms are made from beautiful, high-quality materials to last many generations. SOS is also committed to providing this high-quality education that is accessible to the villagers. As such, it costs no more for a family to attend Legacy than it costs them to attend a government school.

Your faithful sponsorship allows us to make this a reality! Each monthly gift helps to practically cover the cost of college-educated teachers, supplies, and maintenance of the facilities. It also provides basic hygiene for each student and a full, nutrient-rich lunch each day.

Your support allows us to keep the teacher to student ratio incredibly low at 12:1. Each classroom is well equipped with desks, colorful bulletin boards, and helpful teaching aides. This helps not simply educate the child but provide a standard of excellence that these children deserve.

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Your monthly support helps end the cycle of poverty by giving a high quality and Christ-centered education to a child in Uganda.

Q. Can I write to the student I sponsor?

A. Yes! Feel free to send a note through our online form. We will be sure to pass along your note to your sponsor child. Because of the small size of our US staff & volunteers, along with the challenges of sending and receiving mail to and from Uganda, we are developing a process that facilitates receiving one letter or drawing from your sponsor child per year, plus general Legacy updates that sponsors will receive through email communication. If you have any questions, please send an email to legacy@sosministries.com.

Q. Can I send a gift to the student I sponsor?

A. While we are so thankful that you would want to send a gift, it can be very challenging to send mail to Uganda. Additionally, there are some other culturally sensitive considerations to keep in mind with gifts. Feel free to make an additional gift to Legacy Christian Academy in honor of your student that will bless the Legacy community.

Q. Can I visit my student?

A. Absolutely! We always encourage our supporters to visit Uganda. Contact us to inquire about a visit.

Q. Is there a preferred way to set up my sponsorship?

A. You can sponsor a child through our portal. We accept all major credit cards for your sponsorship.