Church Strengthening in East Africa

SOS coordinates with the Baptist denominations of East Africa (primarily the Baptist Union of Uganda and the Baptist Convention of South Sudan) to strengthen their existing organizations and the leadership in their member churches to ensure churches are spiritually maturing and are living out faith according to God’s Word.

Our four strategies for church strengthening:

  1. National Conference. These conferences are designed to embed the Church in vital, biblical truths critical to producing strong, Christ-exalting churches. Past themes have included “The Highly Exalted God,” “The Supremacy of Scripture,” “The Transformed Life,”  “The Invaluable Church,” and “The Honorable Calling.” These conferences are offered to Pastors/Elders. Additional conferences are offered to Women and Youth.
  2. Leadership Empowerment Trainings. These strategic trainings seek to empower the leadership within the Baptist structure (i.e. association chairmen, the regional overseers, executive members)—the leaders of the church leaders, if you will. Since the vast majority of pastors in Uganda have minimal education and language barriers, these trainings focus on empowering those with greater capacity to train local church leaders in their own language and location, and at a rate that is conducive to the individual needs. Training focuses on key practical issues, such as how to lead, roles and responsibilities, counseling biblically, discipleship tools for evangelism and church membership, interpreting the Bible, carrying out church planning, etc.
  3. Church Visitation. This strategy seeks to love and care for local pastors and church leaders by visiting them in their settings and hearing their individual challenges and concerns. This strategy deepens relationships from the ground up, practically communicates love, and exposes SOS to the concerns of a local area.
  4. National Strategic Planning. Through a forum with executive and national leadership, our planning focuses on organizational development initiatives, developing practical and specific national goals and strategies designed to lead the Baptist Union of Uganda forward.