In a culture hungry for strong, sincere Christian leadership, Shepherds Training College is how SOS Ministries feeds the East African people. Where men show a desire to pastor, Shepherds Training College exists to nurture and train them to lead and spread the truth of the Gospel of Christ the King.

“Most church leaders in Uganda today have received no formal training, a condition that can lead to abuses in power, false teaching and even a false gospel. In Africa, including Uganda, the great majority of those who travel to the West for ministry training don’t return home. Many grow to prefer the wealth and opportunities in the U.S.” (Gospel Coalition).

We go back to the beginning, building and shoring up a strong Biblical foundation, with a four-phase program designed to send leaders out into the nations, spreading the Gospel through the local church, so the Lord might reign as the One True King in the hearts of the people of Uganda and beyond.

A glimpse into Shepherds Training College:

  • Phase One: The Discipleship Institute  (1 Year) consists of three terms sequentially organized to help ensure that each student biblically knows, experiences, and lives out the Christian life; that is, he lives out a vibrant relationship with his God, the King. 
  • Phase Two: The Bible Institute (2 Years) is an invitation-only phase, offering residences for the whole family to mold the whole family (including classes offered to the wives of these pastors). The goal: knowing God. God’s Word will be the primary textbook.
  • Phase Three: The Pastors Institute (1 Year). Like the former, it will be residential and will offer classes for wives. The two primary focuses: preparing men to carry out their pastoral responsibilities in practical applications, and assisting them to accurately process through major areas and issues of theology.