Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe

“The church is not a campus but a community.
Pastors are not CEOs; they are shepherds.”
— Dillon Burroughs

We started the Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe in 2009, back when it was just a few people meeting in our founder’s home. Its intended purpose: to be a “model church” for the pastors trained at Shepherds Training Center, to provide a living example of the biblical principles of church life. 

As a church, CBC’s God-given mission is to glorify God, strengthen its members, and reach the lost. 

Functions include:

  • Weekly Sunday services.
  • Sunday School for all ages.
  • Evangelistic Bible studies within the community.
  • Multiple Bible studies.
  • Equipping conferences.

The church is the beacon of our community, the hub of our discipleship and gospel sharing, and where we get the honor of seeing the ripple effects of Legacy Christian Academy. Many families in our community initially just send their children to our school. But when they see the changes—not just the academic growth, but genuine character and spiritual growth in their sons and daughters—that’s what brings them through the doors of the Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe. 

We have seen parents come to faith, marriages restored, and more than 60 people baptized and learning to lead new lives in Christ, all because of God’s work through our outreach ministries in Uganda. And we’ve watched God do incredible work. With His help, the church congregation has soared to more than 400 regular attendees each week.