Faith Nabakooza Story | LCA Staff Highlight

Faith Nabakooza is a supervisor at Legacy Christian Academy. She joined the staff in 2014, the second year after Legacy opened its doors!

Faith Nabakooza is a supervisor at Legacy Christian Academy. She joined the Legacy staff in 2014, the second year after Legacy opened its doors to the many children needing an education in our village. She made the decision to join Legacy because of the difference she found at Legacy as compared to most of the schools in the country. “Legacy uses a classical Christian education curriculum,” she explains, “which develops both the teacher and the student. It is rich and provides a deeper knowledge of the truth which challenges students to think and learn.” Faith also shared that she loved the setup at the school: two teachers per classroom, 12:1 student to teacher ratio, and facilities that aid in the teaching and learning processes. 

Faith began her teaching career at Legacy as an assistant and worked her way up to main teacher, eventually was promoted to a supervisor role, and currently serves Legacy as a supervisor over first through third grades. She explains, “While the position offers challenges, it also affords many learning opportunities in building relationships between teachers, building their teaching skills, and developing them spiritually. It also works to improve the learning that happens within the classrooms since I am able to focus on training teachers.”

Faith shares how she has watched Legacy grow throughout the years, and strive to meet the needs of the children in the community educationally and spiritually. “The students come from different life experiences: some come from low income families, even lacking adequate food; some from divorced parents; some walking long distances to come; some failing to afford medical treatments; and most of them lacking adequate love and care from their families.”

“I am so thankful for SOS Ministries which has continuously offered support to these students by reaching out in different ways. The community is changing as a result of the physical and spiritual involvement of the ministry. As a result, the students are always eager to attend school daily due to the loving, caring, and supportive environment they are given by the teachers who work to provide spiritually, physically, and academically for these young ones.”

“We at Legacy are so thankful for all of our Legacy USA friends who have continuously reached out to us in different ways by supporting these children as well as our faculty. Thank you so much for loving Legacy Christian Academy Uganda.”

Faith is a blessing and encouragement to the teachers she is mentoring and training. She also shares how she has benefitted by working at Legacy and by being a part of the SOS community as a whole. “Personally, I have always wanted to work and serve in an environment that develops me as a whole person. Over the years, I have been able to learn different things both from the school as well as through our local church with SOS Ministries. The school has facilitated many teacher training workshops for staff development, which have greatly empowered me, formerly as a teacher and now as a supervisor. Through SOS Ministries and the church, I have been able to learn God’s Word in a deeper way. These opportunities include: Quest for Truth, Bible studies, conferences, and Sunday school classes. Through all of these, I have grown from a deeper understanding of the Gospel bringing about various changes in my character.”

“I am so thankful to have been a part of the Legacy staff for these past seven years.”

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