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Faith is single mother with degenerative damage in her hips and legs, which has sadly restricted her from walking. Read Faith's story about how the Lord is working in her life, how SOS and Joni & Friends were able to minister to her, and how you can specifically be praying for her and her family!

Before a baby learns to walk, she crawls and we call it cute. When an adult is unable to walk and instead crawls, it is heartbreaking. Faith is a 49 year old single mother with degenerative damage in her hips and legs. The condition has restricted her from walking, and therefore she has been faced with a lifetime of crawling.

As the East African Hub for Joni and Friends, the SOS Community Outreach team has the blessing of making regular visits to our neighbors suffering with disability.

When our Community Outreach team visited Faith, they registered her for a wheelchair, which she received soon after. As we continued to build a relationship with Faith and learned more about her life, we realized that she needed more than just a wheelchair.

Living in a ramshackle grass-thatched hut with her daughters, they were hopeless and helpless as Faith’s family wasn’t concerned by the extremely poor conditions they were living in. Faith’s conversion to Christianity from Islam had caused her family to view her as nothing more than an infidel. Like many converts from Islam, Faith was essentially disowned by her Muslim family.

Understanding her plight, and compelled to come to her aid, our Community Outreach team built a two-roomed, disability-friendly house for her where she currently stays with her daughters (and sons who occasionally visit her). SOS has also offered to provide tuition for one of her daughters. 

It has been a joy being able to form a relationship with Faith and seeing the Lord work in her life. Seeing her life changing, and the love of the SOS Community Outreach team, Faith’s family members have gradually started reconciling with her.

Please join us in praying for Faith. Pray for her family as well, that their hearts might be softened to the Gospel.

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