Introducing Legacy Christian Academy’s New Principal

We are thrilled to introduce to you Legacy Christian Academy’s New Principal! While Michael Mpima has taken this new position at Legacy, he is no stranger to SOS Ministries...

We are thrilled to introduce to you Legacy Christian Academy’s New Principal! While Michael Mpima has taken this new position at Legacy, he is no stranger to SOS Ministries. He had been serving as principal at the local secondary boarding school, where the Hurley family’s high school foster students attend. Shannon had enjoyed working closely with Master Mpima to shepherd our students these past 10 years and was grateful when Michael agreed to come to Legacy Christian Academy to fill the vacancy several months ago.

Master Mpima was blessed to grow up in Kampala in a stable home. His father invested in a private school since the demand for education in the nineties was high. During this time, Mpima attended the only (at that time) accredited university in Uganda and received his bachelors of science, emphasizing chemistry and botany. Upon graduation in 2000, Mpima developed a passion to become an educator, which only grew over the years.

This passion led Mpima to pursue a post-graduate diploma in education. He began teaching chemistry and biology at his family’s school and gradually moved up the ranks to director of academic programs, deputy head teacher, and eventually head teacher (principal) while concurrently serving as a state examiner of chemistry for Uganda. In the head teacher position, he completed another post-graduate diploma in business administration. He wanted to be equipped “to understand the principles and practice of running a business.”

A few years ago, Mpima felt called to serve students outside of family ties and began supporting institutions by empowering young students to achieve success with character development and career guidance. This falls in line with Mpima’s general passion for education. He would like to see, “every young child to achieve their God-given potential. It comes from a philosophy of believing everyone can learn and everything is learnable.”

This passion fit perfectly with Legacy Christian Academy’s vision, so in July, 2022, Mpima was eager to join SOS Ministries, “to support the ministry in their journey and agenda to provide quality and meaningful education to less privileged children in the community of Kubamitwe.” He has been impressed by, “the Christian values of the ministry that foster unconditional agape love…love in all the services to the community—from the teachers, to the children, to the parents, to the entire community of Kubamitwe.”

Mpima has big dreams for Legacy Christian Academy and its 530 students and 45 teachers. He wants, “to produce responsible Christians and productive citizens of Uganda. That is my dream that drives me every day here.”

He is excited for the potential long-lasting impact it will have on its impoverished community. Mpima contemplates, “Legacy has touched children who, no doubt, would not have the opportunity to have education, to be loved, and to live long.”

Mpima is looking forward to the new 2023 school year. He is expectant to have “every child study with purpose and vision.” He is eager to, “empower the teachers to competently serve the children” and hopes to “transform the parents to grow to love and protect them.”

Please pray with us for Master Mpima as he shepherds the staff and students of Legacy Christian Academy!

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