The Power of a Christian School

A short blog post by SOS Founder, Shannon Hurley about the impact of your prayers and generosity towards Legacy Christian Academy.

I love sitting down and formulating plans for impact. In 2008, before moving to Kubamitwe, the SOS board and I sat down to consider both the needs of the community that I was going to be moving into and the greatest means of impacting them for Jesus Christ. Together, we were convinced that assembling Legacy Christian Academy alongside a local church was the answer. Fifteen years later, by God’s grace, I believe we were right.

Today, kids who never had the opportunity of an education are now learning to read, write, and get an education that their parents could have only dreamed about. These children’s future which was bleak, today looks bright. In a place where there was no light of the gospel, today the gospel is taking residence in the lives of hundreds of little souls.

Legacy Christian Academy is impacting a whole community of children. It is enabling kids to grow up like other children within the western world, as students. It has also allowed children from unstable homes to receive consistency for most of their day. The children of our community are growing up knowing the invaluable truth that there is a good and awesome King reigning over this universe—a kind, just God who loves them, created them, and has instructed them on how they can know Him and enjoy His universe. And the end result is that many of these children are now coming into a relationship with God and are being raised, from their childhood, with a Christian worldview. They are being cared for in a truly safe and loving Christian environment. They are experiencing the love of Christ through the worldwide church of Christ. The impact is changing a society.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Shannon Hurley

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