Praise the Lord!! God is so good!! Emmitt had his 4-week check-up on Friday and Dr. Rickert was very pleased with how well he is healing. Emmitt has been approved to travel with Shannon to go back to Uganda on Tuesday! Emmitt’s foot looks great – we are so thankful for Dr. Rickert and her staff.  Emmitt has two more weeks in his cast, then he will move to a boot for two months. The photo shows all the new hardware that he now has in his ankle. It’s amazing!

Friends, thank you so much for praying for the doctors and staff.  Shannon and I are so blessed and appreciate you praying for Emmitt’s heart for the Lord during this time of separation from his family.  We can see that God has been growing him to make his relationship with God more personal. This season has matured him spiritually and emotionally, just as God promises with trials!

We are so grateful for your prayers and love!

Shannon and Danielle Hurley

February 9, 2020

Thank you for praying for Emmitt’s surgery! The surgeon is pleased with the outcome. She said it was a tricky surgery, but she got all the bones back into their right places and positions with screws and plates! She is confident he will be able to eventually walk and run properly. She expects he will have to deal with some pain indefinitely, depending on how active he is. She also expects to release him after the 4 week visit (making a kind exception with our situation) which means Emmitt could come home with Shannon after Shepherds Conference!! Praise the Lord!

Thanks for praying! Now you can pray for pain management and quick healing, but most of all that God would use this trial to strengthen his faith as he is able to experience God’s good care in a more personal way than ever before.

Shannon plans to return to Uganda on Monday morning when Danielle comes to take care of Emmitt for a week, returning to Uganda just hours before Elijah’s adoption court hearing. Then Emmitt will be in the loving care of “Aunt” Darci Thomas, who will be mommy until Shannon returns to bring him home in March. You can pray for Emmitt’s comfort during that 2 week separation from his parents and siblings.

We are enjoying our front row seats to God’s loving hand of providence, working out many details before we have any idea of what lies ahead. We are praising God for bringing Emmitt’s injury as an answer to our prayers for our children’s hearts as pain is the necessary path to growth—for all of us!

Grateful to walk through these valleys with the body of Christ!

February 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Emmitt, our 11 year-old son, who had a playground accident on Wednesday in Uganda, severely shattering the bones in his heel and fracturing the talus (an important joint supporting the weight of the lower leg). While our Ugandan orthopedists couldn’t provide any surgical options, an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego (a believer!) has offered to perform surgery this coming Friday. So we would appreciate prayer for the following:

1) Please pray for Emmitt and Shannon as they fly to California on Monday and for Emmitt’s swelling to not increase during the flight.

2) Please pray for wisdom as Shannon and Danielle decide how to divide parenting responsibilities during Emmitt’s prolonged recovery in America (at least one month or two).

3) Please pray for Emmitt’s faith as this is the first big trial he will be experiencing (at times without his parents).

4) Pray for our family during this painful time of separation.

5) Praise the Lord for taking such good care of us already and walking through trials with us.

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